What Happens if You Don’t Seek Medical Treatment After Your Georgia Car Accident?

Every now and then, we meet with a client who initially refused to seek medical treatment after their Georgia car accident. They insisted they were fine and didn’t need treatment. Or they put off going to an Athens treatment center only to see that weeks have gone by.

Here, we’ll explain why it’s so important that you visit an Athens treatment center as soon as possible after your crash. This will ensure that you receive treatment for your injuries. It will also ensure that your Georgia car accident lawyer will have proof that you were, in fact, hurt.

There Are Certain Things You Must Do Immediately Following Your Georgia Car Accident

Any Georgia car accident lawyer will tell you that there are certain things you must do after your accident. You not only need to protect your health, but you also have to protect your legal rights.

The best way to do this is to visit an Athens treatment center immediately after your motor vehicle accident. This will ensure that a medical professional diagnoses your injuries. They will also create a treatment plan that will help you achieve a safe and healthy recovery.

It’s Important That You Call 911 Immediately

It’s also critically important that you call the police after your crash. When the officers arrive, they’ll conduct a thorough investigation of the accident scene. They’ll talk to witnesses and take pictures of the crash site.

Once the police officers conclude their investigation, they’ll put their findings into a police report. Your Georgia car accident lawyer will need a copy of this report. That’s the only way they’ll be able to prove fault. It will also afford them the opportunity to meet with any eyewitnesses.

You Need to Visit an Athens Treatment Center Right Away

As stated above, it’s important that you visit an Athens treatment center right away after your crash. The defendant is going to argue that something other than your Georgia car accident caused your injuries.

The best way to prove that this isn’t the case is to seek medical care immediately. Your medical records will document the date and time that you sought treatment. It will be very difficult for the defendant to claim that something intervened and caused your injuries.

It’s a Good Idea to Contact an Athens Car Accident Attorney

Once you ensure that you’ve received proper medical attention, you should contact an experienced Georgia car accident lawyer. They’ll review whatever information you have and determine if you have a claim for damages.

One of the key pieces of information your attorney will need is a copy of your medical records. They’ll need records about your injuries, the treatment you’ve received, and any future care may need to recover.

This will help them prove you deserve compensation for all your medical expenses. It will also help them determine if you’ll be entitled to damages for future medical care.

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Why Is it So Important That You Seek Medical Care?

You may be wondering why it’s important to visit an Athens treatment center if you feel fine after the crash. The truth is that you have no idea if you’re hurt or not. Just because you feel and look fine, that doesn’t mean that you are.

You could be suffering from internal injuries. For example, you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury. This isn’t something you can see or feel. If you ignore the symptoms, this kind of injury can prove fatal.

What if You Only Suffered Minor Injuries After Your Georgia Car Accident?

You may insist that you only suffered minor injuries. You can’t justify wasting an entire day at an Athens treatment center. It’s bad enough that you were involved in a Georgia car accident.

You don’t want to further complicate things by seeking medical treatment that you don’t need. You certainly can’t see incurring thousands of dollars in medical bills if you don’t have to.

You May Be Afraid That You Can’t Afford Any Medical Bills

The good news about our Athens treatment center is that you don’t have to pay anything upfront for your treatment. Your Georgia car accident lawyer is going to demand that the insurance company pay your medical bills.

If they don’t approve your claim, your lawyer can always file suit against the other driver. If they do this, there’s still a good chance the insurance company will have to pay for your care.

Our Athens treatment center will simply place a lien on your lawsuit so the defendant is forced to pay any outstanding medical bills when you win or settle your case.

It’s Critical That You Contact an Athens Treatment Center Right Away

There are other reasons why you should visit an Athens treatment center immediately after your Georgia car accident. The defendant may argue that you didn’t take the necessary steps to mitigate your damages.

What this means is that you’re expected and required to do whatever you can to make your injuries worse. If you happen to have suffered internal injuries and don’t seek medical care, they will get progressively worse. They could even prove fatal if you don’t get the treatment you need.

Our Practitioners Will Do a Thorough Initial Assessment

When you first arrive at our Athens treatment center, we’ll do a thorough evaluation. We’ll also run the necessary diagnostic tests to determine what sort of injuries you suffered.

Your practitioner will make copious and detailed notes in your medical records. This will be critical when it is time to demand damages from the defendant.

Once your lawyer can prove that you saw a medical professional immediately after your Georgia car accident, their argument will be overcome.

It’s In Your Best Interest to Visit Our Athens Treatment Center Immediately After Your Georgia Car Accident

We understand that you may not want to go to an Athens treatment center in the hours after your Georgia car accident. However, it’s important that you be seen by a medical professional right away. You have no idea how serious your injuries are. Plus, you could have injuries that you can’t see.

We encourage all Georgia car accident victims to come into our Athens treatment center right away. We’ll do a thorough assessment to determine the nature and extent of your accident injuries.

Once we understand how serious your injuries are, we’ll be able to design a treatment plan for you. This way, not only will you be able to prove you were hurt, but you’ll also protect your health.

Contact our office today at (855) 475-2588 and schedule your initial assessment.