How to Calculate Lost Wages in a Car Accident Claim?

Getting trapped in and surviving a car accident can be one of the most harrowing experiences of one’s life, and it can not only physically ruin your life but also take a prolonged mental and emotional distress for an extended amount of time.

Luckily, even if one is missing their work, car accidents allow the victims to get paid. It is usually in the form of “lost wages” that entrust the sufferer, hoping that they need not suffer financially along with the already-waning expenses in the physical injuries.

The following article showcases what lost wages are and how to calculate them if one has suffered from a car accident and now claims settlements.

What are the lost wages?

“Lost wages” is the monthly/annual income that a victim of an auto accident would have received if they were not involved in any accidents. For example, if a victim cannot attend work for a month, their monthly salary would be provided as lost wages. Similarly, if they require more rest, the entire amount will be added up and given.

An insurance company usually provides lost wages to the victim. In other cases, the victim is paid lost wages by the defendant’s or accused’s insurance company, sometimes even from their personal funds, if a lawsuit is filed against and won. If the case is severe and heinous, it is better to file a personal injury lawsuit with any personal injury attorney in Macon, GA.

How to calculate lost wages?

The following are a few ways to calculate lost wages for different employees:

  1. Paid by the hour- One should take their hourly wages and multiply it by the time they missed work due to being physically immobile/unable to work.
  2. Working variable hours- If the number of hours does not remain fixed, one should take an average of the number of hours they have worked for the past three or four months. The employer must document any extra working time and also added, if required, to obtain different lost wages.
  3. Self-employed- Self-employed people have the most challenging time calculating lost wages. They should seek professional help from any car accident lawyer to complete their calculations, as a reasonable attorney can always help out in receiving the much-needed money.

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What documents do I need?

Proving that one needs lost wages can be comfortable since there is always a “visible physical injury” related to auto accidents. Besides, the few critical, required documents will be as follows:

  1. Letter from the employer- This letter should include the victim’s work and payment details, the number of hours worked, the median salary, and the confirmation that they know one has missed work due to severe physical immobility. It should also contain any information about one’s overtime work if any.
  2. Letter from the doctor- This letter should include a doctor’s prescription to verify the injuries and the extent of the injuries, in addition to the cost and healing processes. The doctor should also prove why the injuries had prevented one from working when he or she will be fit to join the work, and if they would resume normalcy, if at all.

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