How Long Does it Take to Get Money from a Personal Injury Settlement?

Filing a personal injury claim lawsuit after being involved in an accident has fair chances of compensation, significantly when one’s health gets jeopardized due to someone else’s faults. If the claims are valid, the compensation provided is lucrative and deftly deserving. Sometimes, an individual might claim an injury settlement of around $30,000-$75,000.

This article shall look into the possible processes and the time required to receive one’s compensation after a personal injury settlement has been made. Here is a list of what might happen before obtaining the payment and how they affect it-

Paying the Victim’s Expenses

Typically, personal injury compensation is expected within six weeks of filing the lawsuit. While many victims choose to divert their medical treatment costs immediately, the process is lengthy and time-consuming nonetheless. All the bills are calculated and paid when no dues are left. The amounts are then reimbursed to the healthcare providers/vehicle repairing, respectively.

It is shown that around 70% of the American injury victims get their due settlements after the lawsuit. Many who might struggle to manage these alone can consult a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta to ease the process. It is crucial because they shall help the victim identify all kinds of damages incurred and then measure the losses against the numerous categories through which the victims can then claim payment.

Paying the Attorney/Lawyer

The attorney requires a legal fee for helping the victim get their monetary claims successfully. The fees for legal representation in court, along with the other costs, shall have to be borne. A good attorney shall seamlessly guide one through the entire process; therefore, choosing the best personal injury attorney in Macon after research will go a long way.

Usually, a part of the compensation fees can go to:

  1. Pending medical bills
  2. Health insurance set-aside
  3. Health insurance companies
  4. Court reporting costs
  5. Car insurance company payments

Reasons Why the Payment is Getting Delayed

As mentioned, a victim should receive their compensation settlement checks within six working weeks. If there are delays, contacting one’s respective attorneys is essential. If a lot of money is disbursed, banks choose to withdraw it for around nine days for security purposes. Other times, there may be delays due to technical problems. They shall be able to provide you with the correct details on why the check is delayed. Besides, they can spot flaws in the application, if any. For example, sometimes, the opposition might have their cases stronger, or some cases might require additional preparation to put up in court. In these cases, one should choose the best personal injury lawyers in Macon, GA, to ease the process.

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