What Are Some of the Misconceptions About Chiropractors in Atlanta?

When people suffer an injury, be it from a car accident or a workplace accident, they often need long-term medical care. This often comes in the form of physical therapy. One other strategy is to administer chiropractic care. If someone suffers a neck or back injury, there is a good chance you will benefit from seeing one of our chiropractors in Atlanta

We have dozens of people come to our treatment center in Atlanta every week. Some of them have seen a chiropractor before and understand the process. Others have an odd fear of seeing a chiropractor. 

Either they have heard bad things from a friend or family member, or they may have gone online and read articles about chiropractic care. Usually, these articles are written by someone with absolutely no medical experience. What happens is people get a distorted idea of what it’s like to visit a chiropractor in Atlanta.

Here, we will discuss some of the misconceptions or myths about the chiropractic care offered at our treatment center in Atlanta. Hopefully, this will clear up some of the questions or concerns you have about chiropractors in Atlanta. 

Chiropractic Treatment is Not Going to Make Your Injuries Worse

It is a bit ironic that people who have never seen a chiropractor like to tell other people that they should avoid them. We have met with new patients who were under the impression that chiropractors in Atlanta will make their injuries worse. 

While it may be true that an inexperienced chiropractor may not be the best person to see, our treatment center in Atlanta only hires the best in the business. Our team of chiropractors in Atlanta is not only accredited but, between them, they have decades of experience. 

Chiropractic Care Depends on the Nature of Injuries

There is always the chance that chiropractic care doesn’t lead to a full recovery. It often depends on the nature and extent of your injuries. This is no different from any other type of medical treatment. 

You could undergo back surgery after your accident and find out you’re in no better shape than you were before the surgery. Chiropractic care is similar in that respect. However, if our chiropractors in Atlanta do not believe you are progressing, they will talk to the other members of your team and come up with alternative treatment solutions.

You Won’t Be Forced to Visit Our Treatment Center in Atlanta Forever

Another myth about chiropractic care is that once you see a chiropractor once, you’ll have to go for the rest of your life. While we understand where this idea comes from, it certainly isn’t true. 

A lot of people who see our chiropractors in Atlanta choose to continue treatment. There is nobody forcing anyone to come into our treatment center and see one of our chiropractors. The reason people tend to come back time after time is that they like the way they feel after they’ve seen their chiropractor. 

They feel loose and in less pain. They enjoy better range of motion and feel like they get around better. If this is what seeing a chiropractor in Atlanta makes you feel, why would you not want to continue with treatment?

Chiropractic care for back and shoulder pain

Many People Choose to Continue Treatment

The reason so many people assume that you must continue seeing a chiropractor in Atlanta forever is that many people choose to do this. Some of our clients only come into our treatment center in Atlanta a couple of times per month. They feel like having biweekly adjustments helps them stay fitter. 

Nobody is forcing or pressuring them to do this. They do it on their own and often continue with chiropractic treatment long after they recover from their accident injuries. 

If, at any time, you don’t want to continue with chiropractic treatment, just let us know. We can either release you from treatment, or we can find an alternate treatment for you. 

Our Chiropractors in Atlanta Are Educated, Licensed, and Certified

One of the most insulting things you can say about chiropractors in Atlanta is that they are “quacks” or that they aren’t “real doctors.” While many chiropractors choose not to pursue their medical degree, that doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified to administer chiropractic care. 

Our team of chiropractors in Atlanta have the necessary education, skills, and experience to handle even the most serious of cases. When people come to our treatment center in Atlanta, they can trust that their practitioner is not only qualified, but excellent.

The preoccupation with wondering if our chiropractors in Atlanta are medical doctors or not is a bit strange. Most chiropractors study for years to understand their craft. By the time you’re getting your adjustment at our treatment center in Atlanta, you should know how experienced and talented our chiropractors in Atlanta are.

Your Insurance May Cover Part or All of the Cost of a Chiropractor

A lot of our clients did not realize that their chiropractic care may be covered by their insurance. Usually, your health insurance company will cover a small part of your chiropractor’s fees. 

However, if you’re being treated for injuries sustained in a car accident, there’s a good chance you’re suing the other party. This means that there is also a good chance that they will be paying for your chiropractor in Atlanta. 

We suggest that you contact our treatment center in Atlanta so we can discuss what your options are. We can also determine the nature and extent of your injuries.