What Kind of Injuries Are Common with a Bicycle Accident?

The odds of them suffering a serious injury in a bicycle accident are high. One of the reasons for this is that there is nothing standing between the bicycle rider and the other vehicle. A small, plastic helmet only offers so much protection. Another reason is that many drivers don’t even notice the cyclist until they have hit them. It’s even harder to see a bicycle rider than a motorcycle rider.

The only saving grace is that most bicycle riders stick to local roads. This means that the vehicle that hits them is likely going less than 45 miles per hour. It’s hard to imagine how much worse they would be if the other driver was going more than 45 miles per hour.

Here, we will discuss some of the more common bicycle accident injuries. We will also explain how the practitioners at our Atlanta injury center treat these injuries. If you or your loved one have recently been involved in either a bicycle accident or any other type of accident, call our office. We can schedule your initial assessment and help the healing begin.

One Reason Bicycle Accident Injuries Are So Serious is That There’s Nothing Protecting the Rider

Until 1969, bicycle riders in the State of Georgia were not required to wear a helmet. Of course, now that it’s been more than fifty years since the helmet laws were passed in Georgia, most people comply with the law. It’s rare to see a child or an adult driving through the streets of Atlanta without having a bike helmet on.

The reason you’re required to wear this helmet is to protect you from a life-threatening injury. Of course, while a helmet may offer a modicum of protection, there is nothing that can protect a person from suffering devastating bicycle accident injuries.

When the professionals at our Atlanta injury center first meet with a bicycle accident victim, they often tell the same story. They tell us that they were riding their bike one minute, and then, suddenly, they were hit by a car or SUV. They explain how much pain they were in after their accident.

They attribute much of this to the fact that they were hit by a 2-ton vehicle without anything there to protect them. There isn’t much you can do to protect yourself when cycling. Even if you stay in the bicycle lane, that doesn’t mean that another vehicle won’t hit you.

Many Riders Suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury

It should come as no surprise that a lot of bicycle accident victims suffer traumatic brain injuries. This type of injury is caused when an accident victim suffers a severe blow to the head. When a bicycle rider is hit by a car or SUV, they are a sitting duck. There is nothing they can do to brace themselves for the impact of the crash.

Because there is nothing standing between the rider and the vehicle that hits them, it’s almost impossible to avoid a blow to the head. Whether the rider is hit in the head by the vehicle or hit it when they fall to the ground, the results can be disastrous.

A woman injured in a bike accident

When people first come to our Atlanta injury center after suffering bicycle accident injuries, we run the necessary diagnostic tests to determine the nature and extent of their injuries. In order to detect a traumatic brain injury, we would need to do an MRI and a CT scan. This will allow our practitioners to see what kind of shape your brain and skull are in.

The problem with a traumatic brain injury is that you may not even know you’ve suffered one. By the time you come to our Atlanta injury center complaining about your symptoms, the damage has been done. Our goal at this point is to mitigate further damage and work on repairing any functions that have been impaired by your bicycle accident injuries.

There’s a Good Chance a Bicycle Rider Could Suffer Broken Bones

Obviously, if you’re involved in a bicycle accident, there’s a very good chance you may suffer broken bones. As painful as these injuries may be, with proper treatment, there is a good chance you’ll make a full recovery. When you first come to our Atlanta injury center, we will run the necessary tests to determine your injuries.

The x-rays should show us any broken bones you have suffered. Once these bones are reset, you will undergo physical therapy for a while. It’s important that you do these exercises as instructed. Otherwise, you can end up with permanent injuries. That’s the last thing anybody wants to happen.

Bicycle Accidents Often Lead to Back and Neck Injuries

Depending on whether the other vehicle hits your bicycle or your body, there is a good chance you will suffer back and neck injuries. These injuries tend to go hand in hand. The problem is that these types of bicycle accident injuries can put you out of commission for quite some time.

You may be out of work for a while. You will probably need to come to our Atlanta injury center for treatment for a few months. Our goal is to get you back to your normal routine as quickly and as safely as possible.

Our Atlanta Injury Center Treats a Variety of Bicycle Accident Injuries

If you have suffered serious bicycle accident injuries, you cannot wait to get treatment. Given the nature of the injuries we see with these accidents, if left untreated, they can prove to be very dangerous. Some people can pass away if they don’t get immediate treatment for their injuries.

We suggest you call our Atlanta treatment center as soon as possible after your bicycle accident. We will schedule your initial assessment right away.