Who Is At Fault in a Chain Reaction Car Accident?

Multi-vehicle accidents, also known as chain reaction accidents, occur when two or more cars simultaneously hit each other. The accident can be a result of single or multiple drivers’ negligence. In such a scenario, it becomes challenging to determine who is at fault. That’s where the role of a car accident attorney comes into play. The personal injury lawyer traces your injuries to the party responsible for it and helps you get a settlement that you deserve.

In a chain-reaction car accident, the first driver who caused the first collision is likely to suffer maximum injuries, followed by the second driver, who is the first to be hit. The seriousness and the magnitude of the injuries may decline after multiple hits but will still cause physical harm.

Several people lose their lives to fatal multi-vehicle accidents in Athens. Car accident attorneys in Athens handle numerous such cases every year.

Determining Who Is At Fault

While it may seem obvious that the first driver will be at fault as per the preliminary assessment, that’s not always the case. It is possible that the second driver’s mistake led to the accident. Not just negligence, an unreliable vehicle is also the cause of the crash most of the time. For instance, a broken taillight can make it difficult for other drivers to see braking.

A team of auto accident investigators can help resolve this tricky situation to assign the liability. Forensic experts and accident reconstruction specialists will visit the accident spot and interview the eyewitnesses to determine the cause of the accident. They collect evidence that helps strengthen your case to claim the desired settlement for financial, physical, and emotional damage.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Commonly, the driver who has been charged with the accident pays for the medical expenses and property damage. However, even if you are the first driver, do not rush into admitting the fault. It requires a detailed investigation and assessment to assign liability. Let an auto accident attorney analyze the situation before you make a statement. An interaction with a personal injury lawyer can help you determine the faults concerning your case.

Insurance companies have a process of determining the fault in a multi-car accident, and their decisions can impact your injury claim. Do not forget that the insurance company’s objective is to deny or reduce your claim. Therefore, do not depend on them for a fair determination of fault. Some of the things to keep in mind to strengthen your insurance claim after a multi-vehicle accident are:

  • Stay at the spot and call 911
  • Watch your words & don’t apologize
  • Accept medical help
  • If possible, record videos & take photographs

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