What Happens If You Get Sued After Causing a Collision?

You have got to be prepared for times when you are approached by someone who claims they have been harmed in a vehicle accident that you caused, and they are about to sue you for that.

If such a thing ever happens to you, don’t panic. Instead, follow whatever tips we are about to offer you in this article. Irrespective of the scenario, don’t forget to consult an auto accident attorney.

Call Your Insurance Company

This is inevitable even if there are just minor damages. You don’t want to give them a reason to refuse to defend and compensate you.

Your auto insurance company will appoint a lawyer to defend your case in court if you are suspected of causing a vehicle accident, and someone else has filed a personal injury claim against you.

Duty to Defend

In general, all automobile insurance contracts indicate that if the policyholder is involved in an automobile accident and is sued for damages as a consequence of the accident, the insurer will provide a lawyer for the policyholder. This is a contractual “obligation to defend” owed by the insurance provider, which may be found in all forms of liability insurance plans.

However, most, if not all, automotive insurance policies exclude you from this need. In other words, there are situations where the insurer’s responsibility to defend the policyholder is essentially nullified.

There are exceptions to the obligation to defend, as there are to most legal “rules.” There are a few scenarios in which your vehicle insurance carrier may or may not be required to defend you in a vehicle accident case. Consult your personal lawyer in that case. 

What Is a Reasonable Cause for Failing to Notify the Insurance Within the Statutory Time Frame? 

In most cases, if you were gravely injured and hospitalized, or if you were otherwise physically or mentally incapable of alerting the insurer of the accident, that will qualify as an extenuating circumstance excusing your failure to provide sufficient notice.

Opt for Free Defense

If you are sued following a car crash, all Georgia automobile insurance plans, including those with coverage as low as $25,000.00, must give you free counsel. Make sure you claim your rights.

Last but Not Least, Figure Out Why You Were Being Sued in the First Place?

If you are sued or have a claim against you, make sure you get the following information from your insurance company:

  •      What is the alleged harm?
  •      How much are the total medical expenses and lost earnings?
  •      How much does the insurance company believe the case is worth? 
  •      Have any bids been made?

Take Action

We understand that being sued for causing a car crash is a stressful scenario. Hiring a car accident lawyer in Athens, can you help handle the legal complications with ease. It’s always recommended that you only hire the best-reputed lawyers in your city.

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