Workplace Injuries And How You Can Prevent Them

Workplace injuries happen more often than you think. You will require the services of Athens injury centers immediately after suffering an accident. Workplaces are prone to accidents as several risks and hazards are involved.

An employer must provide a safe working environment and take steps to prevent all workplace injuries. A well-protected work environment boosts employees’ productivity and impacts the success of your organization. Workplace hazards are more common when the employees are in contact with hazardous material or they are working at heights.

In case of a workplace accident, you should be prepared to deal with any emergency because getting emergency medical treatment is essential to avoid long-term damages. In 2020, around 55.4 million workplace injuries were reported in the USA. The number of fatal injuries at the workplace is increasing rapidly.

Preventing all the injuries at your workplace may not be entirely possible. However, certain tips can help you minimize such incidents. A single workplace accident can have a huge impact on your business. The following basic and general actions ensure that workplace accidents are avoided.

Prevention Program For Workplace Injuries & How Athens Injury Centers Can Help:

An effective workplace injury prevention program is the foundation for a safe working environment. These programs encourage employees to immediately report hazardous behavior and practices. The employee wellness programs must cover all levels of employee health and safety. Athens injury centers help the injured victims to get effective treatment for their injuries.

You should be aware of the possible hazards at your workplace to avoid such unfortunate incidents from happening in the first place. You can identify such risks by implementing a formal workplace injury prevention program.

The program should include hazard prevention and control, worker participation, education and training, management leadership, hazard identification and assessment, and program evaluation. This way employees remain alert at their workplace to avoid being hurt. This program also encourages employees to report hazardous situations. Moreover, they will have the knowledge to respond to such events quickly.

Such programs reduce worker’s compensation claims and increase employee safety.

Proper Pre-Placement Screening for New Hires:

When the employees are inexperienced or are unable to physically perform a task, serious accidents occur. Matching the capabilities of employees with the appropriate positions is essential in the screening phase. You can prevent hazardous mishaps with the appropriate placement of employees. You should verify that the potential employee has the right experience, skill, and physical acumen to safely perform the job tasks.

If physical labor is required for the position, a functional capacity physical evaluation can be included in the screening. Physical evaluation along with medical treatment can be provided at Athens injury centers. Employees’ previous experience is significant if the position requires the following tasks:

  • Exposure to toxic materials and chemicals
  • Specialized tasks like electric work
  • Handling dangerous machinery and equipment
  • Strenuous physical activity

Workplace injuries

Communicate Frequently and Effectively About Workplace Injuries:

Effective communication can help you avoid dangerous accidents. Your employees should be able to communicate any concern or possible risk of a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to a fatal accident. An established communication system prevents many illnesses and occupational injuries.

You should share the company procedures and safety guidelines with each employee and reinforce the behavior. The safety policies should include the outline for expected actions when something goes wrong.

Creating a work culture that promotes communication will lower workplace accidents. At such places, a minor problem is detected early before the injury turns into something serious that requires medical treatment, worker’s compensation coverage, and leave.

Educate Employees and Provide Safety Training:

Safety awareness is provided throughout the career path of an employee. Safety training is usually provided to new hires. Cultivating a safety standard in management and employees can save you from huge expenses down the road. The importance of following safety measures should be well communicated to employees through effective training.

You can reduce strain injuries with supplement training for body mechanics. Keep your employees safe from lifting injuries through physical training. You should foster a culture where you meet employees to discuss their health and safety. No matter what the size of your organization is, you should encourage employees to attend health and safety workshops.

The employees should be able to understand the top occupational hazards at their workplace and they should be aware of the details to prevent such accidents from happening with a proper procedure in place. Educating employees about a healthy lifestyle is a great way to begin this journey.

Encourage employees to take a break, eat healthy snacks, walk for a while and reduce their stress to create the right work-life routine. Healthy employees will be less likely to suffer from workplace illness or workplace injuries. They will also recover quickly if they were maintaining a healthy life.

Protection Equipment:

Providing protection is essential to keep your employees safe. The use of protective equipment should be enforced at hiring and at meetings, and you should also conduct spontaneous monitoring. Teach employees how to properly use the protection equipment including earplugs, gloves, face protection, safety shoes, hard hats, and goggles.

Maintaining Company Vehicles:

Inspect all the machinery and vehicles of the company. Workplace car accidents and truck accidents can be minimized drastically if the vehicles are maintained properly. It includes repairing vehicles as soon as a problem arises and providing monthly inspections.

You cannot eradicate accidents entirely from happening no matter how much you invest in health, safety, and training. Be sure that you are completely prepared for worker’s compensation coverage.

Medical Treatment

If you or your loved ones suffer a workplace injury, you should immediately seek medical care. Get the best treatment of injuries in Athens, GA. Whether you suffered an injury due to a slip and fall, or a car accident, we are here to provide you with the right medical services.

We provide a thorough examination, accurate and prompt diagnoses for your accident injuries, and detailed documentation. It will help you gather the financial settlement you truly deserve. Timely medical service can save your life. Call us for all emergency services.